Typcast: Watch me type!

Watch how Lindsay types on her Olympic. On the floor. Not as easy as a laptop for sure. And whose bright idea was it to activate the heaviest key with your pinkie???


Okay. So, this is what it looks like when I type.

I’m typing on the floor because that’s the most comfortable for where my hands are. So, I start off every session with the date which is the third. Then, it took me forever to figure out, because there’s no 1 on this keyboard, so what’s 1? So, I tried “I” – it’s not “I” – and it took me forever and a day to figure out that it is a lowercase 1 which I just typed out as 2011.

And then, I just start out every session by just typing. Ha! That happens all the time.

Okay. A couple other things that happen is that I am a horrible speller and so, these pages are rife with spelling mistakes which makes me nutso and the keys jam all the time so I have to slow down everything.

It’s hard. My forearms hurt and something as simple as the shift key which you have to do with your pinkie is, again, hard. But having said that, I am loving the sound, I am loving that it’s hard, and because my main character is going – see? – to be a writer, everything that happens with my process is going to be a process – oh, spelling mistake! – everything that happens in my process is going to be the process of the writer so it’s all fodder. Fascinating stuff.

Till next time.

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