What’s more important the process or the play?


Well, hello.

So, when we last spoke a couple of weeks ago, I was heading out of town and I wouldn’t have access to the typewriter – which is right here – to work on my new play. And the question was: how would it work being away and coming back? Because one of my criteria for working on this play was that I wasn’t going to do any creating away from the keyboard and, by large, that has worked pretty awesome.

I’ve said this before, I’ve never really been able to create beyond pen and paper using only the… Never been able to do on computer and on typewriter it’s just been really awesome. But it’s not very practical, and it’s not very portable, and I had my gall bladder out also three weeks ago which means I can’t lift anything so there was no way that I was going to be able to bring it.

And it got to a point on my journey, on my trip when I was away, where I’m like, “I really want to write and I really want to start working. I want to get working on this play.” I’m like, right in the middle of the first draft and you have to start to think, “What is more important here? Is it the process or is it the play?” and I’m not saying product because I don’t believe that. That’s way down the road but it’s, like, is it getting the work done or the process in which the work gets done? And I made the decision that, well, it’s the getting the work done. So, I’ve got a whole bunch of work that I did on pen and paper and on my computer. Look at all this. See? I’m very excited about working on this play which was inspired by the typewriter. And I guess what it comes down to is that, when you make these projects, you know, there’s sticking to rules, and then, there’s deciding what’s important. And I think that the play is kind of what’s really important.

Now, I am committing to taking all of this and typing it on the typewriter. And, let me tell you, it’s been a big old pain in the ass this week because I’ve got overlapping speeches, and people doing different things on-stage at the same time, speaking at the same time, and that’s neither here nor there. So, I am totally committing to getting it all down using the machine – using Matilda – and then, we’re going to go from there. But this has been a very interesting, again, all of it’s interesting. None of it is of interest maybe to you, but I find it just is a fascinating process and any time you have to ask yourself a question in a process, that’s going to be good.

What’s more important? Process? Play? Play wins.

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