Typecast: Don’t Leave!

I am on a roll with my project, in the zone, perfectly zen and…….I have to leave it for 10 days.


Lindsay: Okay. So, here I am working on my project. I’m like clicking with gas. I like know exactly what I’m writing. I know where I’m going. I know what I’m doing. It’s pretty exhilarating and it is a ton of fun, and I now have to go out of town for 10 days, and I can’t take Matilda with me, which leads to a bit of a quandary.

So what’s going to happen when I get back, right? Is the break going to completely derail my project? Is the break going to sort of give me new inspiration? I can’t imagine what it was like way back when when everyone had to lug one of these around. I guess that’s why writers went somewhere and just sort of plonked themselves down and didn’t leave the room until a draft was out.

But I’ve always been a writer by necessity who writes well on the fly, in subways, in cars, in a chair, anywhere. I write anywhere and everywhere. So this is a whole kind of new experience for me where I have to actually leave a project and then see what happens when I return. A challenge. Stay tuned.

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