Typecast: loathing a location

Join Lindsay’s journey to write a play on a manual typewriter as she shares something about the manual typewriter keyboard that she rather loathes….


Let’s talk about the apostrophe.

The apostrophe, that cute little sign of punctuation, I am a flagrant user of the apostrophe. Craig is always going through my manuscript drafts with big red pens circling it because I do not clearly know the difference between “it’s” and “its.”

Well, the manual typewriter is punishment for me misusing the typewriter. On a computer keyboard, the apostrophe is very, very conveniently located by the right pinkie. The right pinkie on the manual keyboard is a cent sign. So, all of my pages have these contractions and you really don’t realize how much you use an apostrophe when it is not convenient.

All these contractions I have have either the cent sign in them, or no apostrophe in them, because the apostrophe is so inconveniently located above the 8 so you have to Shift+8 to get an apostrophe and it’s really a pain.

I don’t like the apostrophe location on the manual typewriter.

That is all.

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