Typecast: The end?

Lindsay shares her thoughts on finishing a draft and where she goes from here…



Well, I have to say this is a video that I in no way expected at the beginning of my journey that I would make – the journey with my good friend, Matilda, who I got in January – and this, which is my first draft, already completed. It’s a full-length. It’s probably going on once I get everything in there, changes and stuff. 85, 90 pages which is pretty awesome. Being conservative, double-siding.

And, I have to tell you, it was a joy to write. This was a lot of intense fun. However, I made some changes in my terms of my project. The big one being my first draft is the only draft I’m going to write on the typewriter. Creatively, fantastic. Technically, it’s just not good enough. There’s too many mistakes, the formatting, I’m not able to be consistent, and yes, I’ll be able to show it, I’ll be able to certainly there’s going to be pages of the original first draft. We’re going to screen them into whatever the final product may be, but it’s not good enough because I know that the computer is out there and the computer is better at all that formatting stuff.

And I guess in, like, at the time when people were using typewriters, that’s what they had, they knew nothing else, and were able to perfect their craft, formatically or not – I don’t know, maybe there was lots of mistakes and the drafts, you know, looked like hell.

But I don’t live in that world where the typewriter is my only option. I have other options and I cannot stop thinking about those other options. So, I don’t know, i don’t know if this is going to be the last video for Typecast. Surprisingly, I really had expected that this was going to take a much longer process. I cannot believe that I have completed a first draft – I got it at the beginning of January, it’s now the beginning of April – in that such sort a time, particularly when I spent a month not even thinking about, not even having an idea, not even having a concept. Just banging on the keys which is, by far, my favourite part.

This play would not exist without banging on those keys, without the typewriter, but it’s going on the computer and I think that’s all I have to say about that.

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