Typecast: Why?

In this episode of our video series typecast Lindsay talks about why she’s undertaking this project. Why is she writing a play on a manual typewriter?


Hello and welcome to Typecast!

I’m Lindsay and the question for this video which I’m going to answer is WHY? Why am I taking on this project which is, if you’ve been following along, creating a play on a manual typewriter? And, recently, I saw a documentary about Bill Cunningham who is a fashion photographer for the New York Times, and he has two columns, and he’s all about trends, and he’s 80 and does everything pretty much old school – he takes pictures that have to be on film that have to be developed.

And I was watching this and it just put a bug in my ear. I have never written a play before the convenience and the comfort of computers. And what would that be like? What would it be like to create only on the machine? What would rewrites be like? What would formatting be like? And it felt a little bit scary – certainly not as scary as skydiving – so, we went out. Tootoorooroo! This is Matilda. This is my new baby.

So, right now, all I’m doing is just sort of getting used to the machine. I’m just sort of trying to figure out what the typing process is like, the weight of the keys. It is so unique to press – so much harder on a manual than on a computer. It’s not the same keyboard. There are some annoyances which is very interesting.

And then, also, I’m just trying to figure out what kind of play I want to write. I’m thinking epic. I’m thinking the whole – since this project is about the process of writing – the play has to be about the process of writing and maybe involve a writer who is headed down a downward spiral. The writing process destroys the writer, why not?

And, also, I’m just falling in love with the sound of the keys, that tik-a-tik-a-tik-a-tik-a-tik-a-tap. It’s a pretty fun thing and I’m going to let my mind wander.

All right, next time!

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