Ugh. My planned workshop for Friday got cancelled. Nothing I can do, but I was so looking forward to it! I’ve been thinking about Tik Talk ever since I did the workshop last week. I had made a concrete plan on how I was going to approach the play and what I wanted to see. I couldn’t wait to see it on it’s feet! My head’s been pretty full of the play and now it’s derailed. Sigh.

Since Theatrefolk is my company, I know exactly what’s coming up for publication and I know we have quite a bit in the pipeline – it wouldn’t be a tragedy if Tik Talk had to wait. It’s one of the great things about being my own boss – I set my own writing schedule and I have a lot of flexibility when things need to be moved, forward or back. I don’t mind writing to and adjusting my own schedule. Once I set something I’m pretty good at meeting my deadline. I think it’s called a big dose of albatross guilt.

Having said all that, I’m so excited about the play and want to get it out there as soon as possible. I really want to see how students react to the play. There’s always next year…

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