The Ultimate Audition Guide: Students

Written by Lindsay Price

 You may be familiar with our The Ultimate Audition Guide: Teachers – did you know we have a student version?

Students go through the same set of emotions, issues and concerns when auditioning:

  • Will I get the part?
  • What if I don’t even get cast?
  • What if I forget the words?
  • How do I stop being so nervous?

The Ultimate Audition Guide: Students takes you through activities and exercises you can give students to prepare them for the task of auditioning for a show, program, or class.

Auditions don’t have to be nerve wracking experiences! Coach your students to prepare themselves to give their best piece ever.

Download the Ultimate Audition Guide: Students


What’s in The Ultimate Guide to Auditioning: Students?

Here are the sections:

  • Choosing material
    • What goes into choosing a great audition piece?
    • A senior extra credit exercise that will help your future auditions.
    • A class exercise in choosing appropriate material.
  •  Preparing material
    • What steps should students take when preparing a monologue?
    • Character Profile, Physical Profile, Vocal Profiles.
    • Preparation Reflection.
  •  On the day
    • What should students do right before their audition?
    • Pre-audition exercises and a handout for students.
  • Dealing with the aftermath
    • How do students deal with not being cast or unexpected casting?
    • An aftermath reflection.

Not all students know what it means to prepare effectively for an audition. Give them the tools they need to do so.



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