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Playwriting Kick-Start is our virtual playwriting class that is a perfect choice for kick-starting your student playwrights. We’re now accepting bookings for the April session!

We put together a short video explaining how it all works. Enjoy!

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Lindsay: Hi, I’m Lindsay Price, and I’d like to introduce you to Playwriting Kick-Start. I’m not just here to tell you about the course. I’m also the instructor and the resident playwright for Theatrefolk. I’ve been a playwright for 17 years and have worked with student playwrights across Canada and the US in classrooms, workshops, at conferences, and online, which is why Playwriting Kick-Start is such a great program for you and your students.

Playwriting Kick-Start is an online four-week playwriting project. That means it can be done by any class anywhere so long as you have Internet access. The project focuses on how to build a theatrical and sustainable play idea.

When faced with an in-class playwriting project, many students falter at the first step – the idea. They don’t know where to start. They feel they’re not creative. They’ve been told they’re not creative. They’ve had an idea fall apart and assume they can’t write.

Playwriting Kick-Start offers students a new definition of what an idea is, how to find, create, and develop that idea, tools to determine if an idea is the theatrical, and how to move an idea toward a finished draft. Create an environment of success for all students, regardless of their writing ability, with Playwriting Kick-Start. It’s an excellent kick-start to your playwriting unit.

Playwriting Kick-Start involves four online lessons over a two-week period:

Lesson One: “What is an idea? Where do I look?” This is an introduction to the course with a new definition for the word “idea.”

Lesson Two: “The idea process.” The idea process involves simple, easy-to-follow steps that everyone can follow. We’ll learn them and reinforce them.

Lesson Three: “What makes an idea theatrical?” Learn how to turn an idea into a theatrical idea and how to avoid movie brain.

Lesson Four: “The first scene!” We have our idea, we’ve made it theatrical, we now have everything we need, to write the first scene.

Each lesson is taught online:

What we’re going to do now for your in-class exercise on issues and events is just explore writing in the extremes. When we’re talking about extremes, you know, if we’re going to do an extreme issue – big; depression; and a stupid issue, “Why do I have to be nice to my brother?” A big event, wars; a small event, the first prom…”

The video is supplemented with a printable PDF handout, an optional quiz, and a written assignment. Students submit assignments online. They then receive individual feedback based on their writing. Teachers can access the videos, the handouts, their students’ work, their grades, and my written feedback.

The course fee includes the online system as well as the handouts for each lesson, quizzes, specific writing exercises, plus, each student receives individual and constructive feedback from me.

My passion and my goal is to encourage student writers through the writing process. This program was developed through an Ontario Arts Council Arts and Education Grant where I was able to teach idea creation in a number of Ontario schools. I’ve also mentored young playwrights as part of the Playwrights Guild of Canada’s Youth Inc. Program, and I regularly teach playwriting workshops at conferences and festivals, including the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Playwriting Kick-Start is only offered twice a year, in October and in April. To sign up or to get more information, give me a call or send me an email. I’m at [email protected] or 1-866-245-9138.

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