Video: Scene Spurs for English Teachers

So we’re trying something a little different this weekend. We’re taking Scene Spurs: Writing Prompts for Dramatic Depth to a conference for English teachers. And we’re nervous. How will it go?!?


Lindsay: Hello! So, here we are at another conference.

Now, usually, when Theatrefolk goes to conferences, our tables look like this. But we’re at the – and I’m going to have to read it – the Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts Conference, OCTELA, and our table looks like this.

Craig: How do you feel about that, Lindsay?

Lindsay: I feel a little bit freaked out. We came to this conference with one product, our Scene Spurs product which is our writing prompts for dramatic depth product, our ebook where it’s 35 picture prompts with questions and exercises to really get students motivated towards writing and for a whole class to be able to be motivated towards writing, regardless of what level they’re at. And we thought that we’d love it for drama classes but we thought, we think this might be something for English teachers to use in their classrooms as well. And recently, I taught at a school where I was in an English class and they were preparing for a playwriting unit. So, we thought, well, why not take the plunge? Go somewhere different. Go somewhere new – even if it’s a little bit freakish – and take that risk and see what happens.

Stay tuned!

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