VIDEO: Scripted for Schools

Theatre gives children and youth a chance to express themselves in a way that they don’t always get invited to.

Playwriting is a great creative outlet to tell the stories that are in your brain, your heart, and your spirit. But you can apply to curriculum as well.

There is creative writing for every year. There is storytelling for most years. And you can always take drama and use it to explore almost any other subject, so why not use a creative tool for academics?

~Kristin Rogers

Scripted for Schools is an initiative by the Playwrights Guild of Canada to “to speak to the relevancy of the arts, increase public/school access to Canadian plays, and demonstrate how plays/scripts/dramatic role play can be used as a creative and impactful learning device.”

They put together a lovely video/testimonial demonstrating the true impact of theatre in education. See it here:

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