Video Tip – Be Easy to Work With

Today we offer a video tip to actors from Craig:


Alright, quick math question: If you’re auditioning for a show, and you’re asked to prepare two monologues, how many characters are going to the audition? If you answered three, that was the correct answer. Sure, there’s the two characters that you’re performing the monologue, but there’s also you, what you’re bringing to the table.

A friend of mine, who’s a director, shared this little hint with me. He said that when he’s casting a show, and he’s casting for summer theatre, he’s usually looking for people that he wants to have dinner with. Now, what does he mean by that? Well what he means is that actors and directors work very closely with each other for quite an extensive, intense period of time. And so, in addition to people who are right for the role, directors are also looking for people that they’re comfortable working with. So, what can you do with this? You want to present yourself as someone who’s easygoing and easy to work with. And how can you do that? You do that by maybe having a funny little story about yourself to share at the audition. If the director, after you perform your piece, asks you to change it up and do something different, then go for it. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s right, just go for it, give it a shot, be the easy person to work with. Be the one who stands out.

That’s my tip.

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