Plays are Meant to be Heard

Today we offer a video tip from Lindsay:


Hello! Welcome to our Video Tip Series. So this tip is for all you student playwrights out there. The thing we want to remember is that the last step in the writing process is not finishing the draft. I know, I know, it’s very very exciting to finish a draft, to get that that last word down on the page. I’ve been doing this for sixteen years and I still get a very warm glow when I put that last word down. Ah ha!

But there lies the rub! The finished draft is not the end of the process because plays do not live on the page. Right? Plays must be seen and they must be heard. So, once you’ve got that finished draft you want to hear it, you want to do a reading, you want to hear what it sounds like when the words come alive. Get your friends together, make some copies of your finished draft and hear a reading of it. It is amazing how different words sound than look on the page. Also, actors can’t get inside your head. It’s quite often when I’ve been sitting at a reading and what I thought a line of dialogue sounded like in my head sounded nothing like that when it was read by actors. Oh I didn’t want that to sound so angry.

Oh I thought the dialogue was going to be a lot snappier here. So do a reading. Hear your play. That’s our tip.

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