Virginia Theatre Association

Spent the weekend at the Virginia Theatre Association annual conference. It’s a jammed-packed weekend for students filled with plays from 8:15 in the morning to way into the evening. There’s workshops and improv jams and it all makes me wish it was available to me as a high school student.

One of the things I love when going to conferences is the talks I have with teachers about how important theatre is for students and how empowering it can be. I met a teacher and some students from a military school. They have a small, struggling drama department – drama is not high on the school’s priority list – but they were strong in their conviction that they would keep at it. I met a teacher who as a pilot project, went to the students in his school who didn’t speak English (they have a growing Spanish influx) and did a play in their own language. It was a great success, and has given these students the confidence to join the regular drama program. I was also thrilled to meet the students and teachers of Drop Dead, Juliet! and Emotional Baggage. They were very sweet and fun to talk to.

All in all, it makes me glad to do what I do.

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