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We Are All Sound Makers

I believe that the word “musician” is too-often used to discourage people from participating in their birthright as sound makers. We are all sound makers.
Mark Stewart

I like the way my brain works when I'm looking at garbage.

“I like the way my brain works when I’m looking at garbage.”

Here’s a TEDx piece I found inspiring: Mark Stewart – A Private Duet, 350 Strong

Mark is an accomplished musician, regularly touring with the likes of Paul Simon. As he says in his talk: “On a pop tour you have two options. You can either work on a new drug habit or you can have a project.” He chose the project.

Mark makes music from everything – especially items cast away as garbage, things he finds in dumpsters. He’s an engaging speaker and his talk is a clear example of the importance of arts education. The end of the talk features a private duet with every person in the audience. Enjoy!

You can see Mark in action during his “day job” here

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