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We Just Want to Pump… You Up!

So many people are doing so many wonderful things with our plays. We’d love to share your good news with the world right here on our blog. Write us an email. Spelling doesn’t count (Morse Code or Pig Latin is fine). Tell us about your successes. Send photos.

News like this brightens our day. So hear us now and believe us later. Drop us a line and we’d be thrilled to pump… (clap) you up!

Important Note: Success doesn’t necessarily mean winning a contest. Success can mean getting kids on stage who have never been on stage before, it can mean overcoming challenges to get the show onstage, it can mean a positive comment from the principal, etc.

p.s. If you have no idea what this photo is or what this whole “pump you up” thing is about, it means you’re probably younger than me. See here for an explanation.

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