We Love New York

In Times Square

It’s New York Week on our blog and today we’re talking about why we love (and what we learn from) New York City.


Alright. So, we are here in New York. We are walking around. We are currently in… Craig, this is Greenwich Village, yes?

Greenwich Village.

Greenwich Village. Ok. So this blog post is all about our New York experiences. Craig, where did you get your coffee?

Ah. I got my coffee at – isn’t it obvious? – Cafe Grumpy. Now, where else do you get a place that advertises the fact that the staff is grumpy.

And when we went to look for it, we looked for it specifically because it wasn’t a Starbucks, right? And when we went to the place was there actually a sign on the door?

You know what? The first day we went we didn’t notice the sign at all. The second day we noticed there was a sign and it was just this little grumpy face here. I’ve gotta say, oddly enough, they’re about ten times friendlier than the average Starbucks employees. Very friendly in there.

Ok, so why did we come to New York?

We come for a lot of reasons, and it’s not just the obvious reasons like the theatre and all the shows you can see and all the experiences you can have. Being in business, it’s great to see other ways that people sell their products. Every store – it’s a highly competitive city so every store is trying to fight tooth and nail with their niche. It’s really cool to see their signage and their displays and how they present themselves.

How they give an experience.

Yes, and if you’re into people watching, I mean you’ll never ever find a greater collection of characters people and types than you will here. Hey Lindsay, why don’t you talk about that?

As a writer, one of the things that I am really big on is observation. I’m always observing. When I teach playwriting classes I tell them that that’s one of the number one ways of finding ideas for plays is just looking around. Taking note of what’s on the street. What’s above when you would normally look down. The conversations that people have. If you ever want to be a playwright you have to listen to the way that people really talk. And New York is an explosive microcosm of all of those things. My head has exploded about four times since we’ve been here just because there is so much to look at, there is so much to listen to, there is so much to observe. And that is my most favourite thing to do in New York City is just to come. Craig’s got his coffee, I’ve already had my soda and just walk around. We love to walk, listen and look.

That’s it right?

I think that’s it. So that’s the thing that we love to do is we love to go places and have unique experiences in those places. They’re not the usual ones. We’re not big tourist people, we’re really big on walking around and exploring the little things.

Yes, and we received no promotional consideration from Cafe Grumpy. A pure unsolicited endorsement of their delicious coffee. But we love it anyway.

And I had an awesome tea yesterday.

Alright, bye.


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