Week One Done!

30 Days of Development: Lindsay is writing every day for thirty days, and submitting every day for thirty days, and blogging about it every day for thirty days. Whew! Can she do it? Stay posted….


Writing: Hours and hours of typing today. Everything that was on paper is now in the computer. Really tried to fight the instant re-write pull today. I wanted to get everything down to start anew. Having said that, I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentally solved a couple of large character questions, and I’m going to go a new route with the first scene. I’m thinking picture frames and snapshots. What the picture sees is normal, but what’s really going on?

Submission: Got a bite from earlier in the week. Alloy Theater asked to see the full script of White so I sent that out. A nice way to end the first week!

Thoughts: Today we have a little video…. as the camera zooms by you’ll get a quick shot of my portable office. I love it, it holds everything to do with my writing: dictionaries, pens, projects in the works, blank notebooks, and then it just rolls into the corner. Fabulous.

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  • wow…i always hand write my stuff… and when i go to type it, it seems too long to. so now i have notebooks up the ying-yang, with many many unfinished concepts, stories and plays.

    so very mucho respect on writing, then typing.
    im too lazy to.