Week Two Done!

30 Days of Development: Lindsay is writing every day for thirty days, and submitting every day for thirty days, and blogging about it every day for thirty days. Whew! Can she do it? Stay posted….


Writing: Typed out my notes for the non-verbal play, The School for Sitting. And research work on a new play, which left me with ‘tense writer face.’

Thoughts: Wanted to see where I was with The School for Sitting, and since it’s unusually hot and humid, I thought some non heavy thinking would be a good place to start off today. I typed out all my notes and I’m very pleased with the beginning, I’ve got good but vague ideas for the middle, less good and more vague ideas for the end AND I’ve discovered there’s going to be one scene of dialogue. It makes sense in the world of the play and I like the oddity of it. Emotional Baggage is completely silent with music and I’m getting a vision of a slightly different direction. I’m hearing whistles, and stomps and human sounds as well as music. It’s exciting and a good start. Different is good.

And then I spent HOURS researching Nanotechnology. What happened to the non-heavy thinking you ask? There are three 10 minute play contests that could all fall within the realm of one work. One, as of yet, un-written work. This play has to encompass women characters, and change, and nanotechnology. Well within the realm of my capability, another good writing exercise and not as daunting as it sounds…. except for the nanotechnology part. I’ve tried writing science plays before and my brain just doesn’t absorb that kind of info. And I hate talking head plays, so I have to understand the information enough to transform it.

But nanotechnology is so theatrical. There are defined emotions, potential characters, high stakes, a positive vision of the future and a very negative vision of the future. It’s easy to visualize. Of course, I say that now after HOURS of research and then the re-writing of research to see what play elements come out, having enough to write two character profiles and an idea for the end and then after deciding one of the characters was going to have cancer, figuring out what kind of cancer – and oh that cancer isn’t what I’m really looking for and why am I spending this much time on the names and did I mention it’s hot?

Hence, tense writer face. Which is not a bad thing (although if I don’t release my jaw soon I’m going to get a headache) It’s the face I make when I’m in intense concentration mode. When I have no idea what’s happening in the world, everything is poured into the page. It’s very…. intense.

I’ve also done another little video (my idea for these videos was so I wouldn’t have to write so much on the blog on Sundays…. I think I’ve failed there) and you’ll get to see the huge pile of notebooks I work with on my various projects. Not one, not two.

Submission: One act Down to the Inspirato Festival in Toronto. Another Canadian opp, yes!

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