We’re baaaaaaack!

So what did you do on your vacation?

Craig and I always take two months off from blogging: July and December. It’s a practical decision because those are the two months drama teachers and students really aren’t thinking about blogs and really can we blame them? I find it massively hard to think about words and making them form into sentences during the holidays. Also, it gives our brains a break. We don’t often have difficulty coming up with subject matter but the daily churning can become a bit of a slog. And we never want to feel sloggish. We want to be perky and sparkly.

But just because we’re not blogging doesn’t mean we’re lounging around with a fruity cocktail. Oh no. We’ve been planning and scheming. Although, we can plan and scheme WHILE lounging with a fruity cocktail. It’s called multi tasking people!

Here at Theatrefolk Global headquarters we have been busy working on expanding our resource arm of the company. Yes we have new plays coming out but we also have some new e-books:

As well as an on-line writing program called Playwriting Kick-start.

Check it all out! We’re happy to be back and looking forward to what’s to come.

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