What Am I Working On?

I’m in a transitional mode. Everything to date is either on hold for future workshops or test productions, or in the formatting stage, or put off to the side because I’m at a crossroads – I’m working on a one hour cutting of ‘Othello’ that is about 15 pages still too long and I think I’m about at the limit of cuts before the intention of the piece of compromised. (Grrrr)

So I need new plays to work on! I always have a list of ideas or titles on hand. I pulled it out this week added a few more that I had written down in various notebooks (I have a brain like a sieve so if an idea comes I have to write it down right away) and all of a sudden I’m looking at ten possible plays. Ten? Hmmmm.

Having too many ideas is not always great. Cause I really have no idea where to start! Which do I go with? Comedy? Drama? Adaptation? Some of these are more developed than others, do I go with one of those? Or something completely fresh? What do I dooooooooo????????

Aw, it’s not really that bad. A clean notebook and a pen that’s all I need to get started. I set myself time limits and sit in my writing chair just trying to let the ideas flow. Sometimes that involves a lot of staring out the window but I’m pretty good at stream of consciousness writing. It’s part of the writing process that I love and hate. I love the feeling of writing without having a defined focus, and I hate it when I’m writing and I know the ideas are blech but I have to keep going.

I started the research stage for a play version of Leaves of Grass¬†earlier in the year. Going back over my notes has revived my interest. It’s going to be slow going and tough. I’m working on the themes in the work I want to highlight and how different characters will represent those themes. The poetry is beautiful and there are certainly characters there but words without story is a play’s downfall.

I’ve also got an idea for a comedy about censorship. All I’ve got so far is the title.

I did an hour of stream of consciousness writing on the idea of two teens who have to kiss in a drama scene and the conflict that brings about.

It’s all good. Transitions are good!

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