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What is Theatre?

An interesting article on The Guardian’s Theatre Blog this week that discusses the question, ‘How do you define Theatre?’

What do you think Theatre is? Is it something traditional in a traditional theatre space? Is it spectacle? Must theatre be a play? Can a motorcycle riding around a spherical wall be theatre? (read the story)

I equate theatre with character and story – theatre does not have to take place in a traditional building. I’ve seen many pieces, and participated in piece that took place in other environments and were still theatre.

What do you think? How do you define theatre?

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Lindsay Price


  • Theatre can be character or story driven, but as an art form it can take on so many variations. It can define an idea, an essence, within any construct of time. It can be formal and structured, or free-form and abstract. It is a voice that reflects a culture within a particular time, or it may speak over many generations. Theatre can encompass our everyday dealings in how we present ourselves to others, and our awareness of how we are perceived.

  • theatre is any performed art.it should serve the purpose of using creativity to potray culture and spark awareness