What is your character’s wish song?

I LOVE this! Saw this post about the wish songs of characters over on Write Your Own Screenplay. The post is about how it’s easy to pick out a character’s wish song in a musical, but what about characters in other forms of writing? How do your characters “sing” (or communicate) what they want, what they wish for? There is always such emotion when a character sings what they want, indeed it’s a very important song for a character to have in a musical. But just because you’re not writing a musical doesn’t mean your character gets out of communicating emotionally. Indeed that’s often where writers go wrong – they don’t know exactly what it is their characters want or how to get them to communicate this want. Remember, just because a character declares a want doesn’t mean they get it, or that it’s a straight line from A to B. In fact, one of the theatrical definitions of conflict is to visualize conflict as “the thing” in the way of a character getting what they want.

What do your characters want? What do they wish for? How do they “sing” it?

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