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What We Learned: Part Three

Craig and I got to ATTEND a conference this past weekend. As actual real life delegates! We got to go to the workshops and everything. We attended the Artists Educators in Communities and Schools conference and this week, we’ll be sharing with you what we gleaned from the experience.

In this post: What we learned from watching the presenters.


Ok this is our last video from the Artists Educators in Community and Schools conference. What we’re going to do with this video is talk about what we learned from watching the presenters. Yes, we wanted to come and take workshops and glean something from that – But, we present as well. We can’t help but watch the presenters, think about what we do and take something away from that. We learned three things, that we are going to share with you. Craig what is the first thing that we learned?

The first thing that we learned is manage your time. I was at workshops that both ran too short and too long.

The one that ran too short was really awkward. We were all stuck in the room, we weren’t allowed to leave, talk, go anywhere because there were still workshops going on around us.

And the second one, the one that went too long, it went too long and went into lunch and I was late for lunch. You never want to make someone late for lunch. Lindsay what’s number two?

Two. Number two is – Manage your room. I was at a workshop that I really wanted to go to, it was a topic I didn’t know a lot about. It had two parts to it and I was more interested in part two. We got stuck on part one because the presenter opened things up for discussion and she wasn’t able to manage the discussion. The delegates really took over and over run in a very inappropriate way. It was more about “let me share my story” and getting into stories that were really off topic. You’ve got to manage your room, we never got to part two, she had to rush through her presentation. I was left very unsatisfied, which is not something you want from your delegates. And Part three….

Part three, you know that line from Hamlet about suit the action to the word and the work to the action? Make sure your workshop actually follows through with what your describing to me. Lindsay do you feel the same way?

I 100% agree. Both Craig and I went to workshops that were based on a description and when we got there, the workshop was not what was advertised. It makes you feel you wasted your time and you never want to do that.

So, that’s it!

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