When Life Gets in the Way

30 Days of Development: Lindsay is writing every day for thirty days, and submitting every day for thirty days, and blogging about it every day for thirty days. Whew! Can she do it? Stay posted….


Writing: Spelling Bee Girl play, which is becoming about much more. Plays are all about questions and layers. Ask questions, answer them, layer in levels of story, levels of character. Right now we have the story of a normal girl and an incredibly not so normal girl, their parents’ divorce, their space cadet brother (who has to be more than that, hopefully) and the flight of the bumblebees.

Today worked on a scene trying to move the divorce aspect forward with Dad in a tree, and the need for Cosette to ask her sister Catherine to help her ‘be’ normal. The tree stuff is very interesting conceptually, but not there yet. Too much talking about ‘why dad is in a tree’ instead of showing action. Strong enough to stay though and continue thinking about. Speaking of thinking, on almost every page of my notes I’ve written the question; what is the Act One Climax? A good question…

Thoughts: For the first two days I had the luxury of putting my writing first. Alas, life comes a’knocking and I have to make room for everything. Yesterday we had a dinner guest and there was a contract to go over, a teaching invoice to create, a travel meeting, the newsletter to work on and so on. Today Craig and I are putting 500 personalized letters into 500 envelopes to send off to teachers who direct musicals, who don’t know about Shout and should. Time gets tricky.

What do I do when there’s really no time to write? Well, I’ve never been a “write for eight hours every work day” kind of gal. My brain doesn’t work that way. My God, I’d turn into pudding. If you come by the house and there’s a bowl of pudding on the floor it’s because I tried to write for eight hours in a row.

So it’s never been a big deal to write less. And when I have less, I just make sure to make the most of it. Today I had an hour, and I had a task: write one scene. I had complete quiet and I made sure my mind was focused on the task and made it my aim to write every second of that hour. Everything else has to be organized as well. I knew I had to leave the house at 12:00, so all my ducks had to be in a row – my submission was planned last night so it could be send off first thing this morning, writing this time to this time, blogging this time to this time, I even got yoga in. Ta da! You too can be a writer in one hour a day…..

Submission: Full length Knots to The Virtual Theatre Project.

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