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Where I Write is a website that shows the writing spaces of Fantasy and Sci Fi writers. I’m a real peak through the windows type gal (some might call that being a snoop, but whatever) and I do love seeing where writers do their thing. I love the variety, the individuality: some so cluttered and cocoon like. Others so stark, like a blank page. It’s very artsy fartsy, but environment plays a big part in the writing process. The right environment makes you feel creative. Again it sounds so silly, what do you want I’m a writer not a brain surgeon.

In general, noisy coffee shops don’t do it for me because I get distracted (some might say snoopy) by what’s going on around me. But then again, if I’m in a rut changing up my environment always does the trick. The noise of the coffee shop pushes my brain in a new direction, allowing me to see the work in a new light.

On that note, let me share with you where I write…..


Hi. So, I’m continuing the blog post, this is where I write. Welcome to where I write.

I’m gonna switch it around and, you know, we’ll go by… Hey! We’ll go by where Craig works. This is where Craig spends all his time. We’re working on a new version of the catalog that is coming out ASAP so that’s what he’s working on. So, he sits over here and then this is my office. This is where I write.

I love to sit with my laptop – which is right there – on my lap and put my feet up on my handy dandy ottoman. It sets my hands at the exact perfect level. It’s just the most comfortable thing.

This is my work station which has everything from pens – gotta have a lot of pens – to the stuff that I’m working on which is on top, to some resource books, to the most important thing: blank notebooks waiting to be filled.

Everything I need is right here. And then, the second most important thing: windows. I love sitting here and writing because it’s my own little version of the corner office.

I don’t look out the windows because I will stare and I will be more enthralled by what’s going on outside than my work. But I love having them behind me. I love the natural light. The sun streams in. If something’s going on, I can peek my head out. But in general, I just love the environment of the outside so close to me. It totally is my version of the corner office.

And, last but not least, there has to be a place for my tea.

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