Who’s Keeping Score?

We got an email last week from a teacher in the middle of rehearsals for Alan Haehnel’s wonderful One Hundred Lies.

The play chronicles the life of teenager Liz Nostrand, who presents 100 significant lies told by and to her. I love this play. It starts off lightly, documenting humorous and seemingly frivolous lies. Then the play takes an unexpected turn spinning Liz out of control as she must confront the serious lies that have been told to her. Sharp writing, and very theatrical, this is easily one of my faves in the Theatrefolk catalogue.

But I digress…

There is a scoreboard on stage that keeps track of the lies. A “Home” side, for lies told ABOUT Liz, and a “Visitor” side, for lies told BY Liz. The scoreboard is updated and referred to throughout the play.

When we were preparing the play for publication, it was a ginormous task to make sure the score added up correctly throughout the play. Lindsay, Alan, and myself (Craig) spent hours pouring over the play to make sure it was just right. We were so pleased.

Then we heard from the teacher…

It seems that the score didn’t add up as perfectly as we thought. When I read the email, I thought, “She must be wrong! We spent so much time on this!” But she was right!

So we had to re-visit the script. Alan was wonderful to work with, as always, and I’m now 99.73% confident we fixed the issue.

The great thing about the digital age we live in is that we can correct a problem like this so easily. We don’t keep a lot of inventory around and most of our script orders are printed “on demand”, so it was just a matter of changing the source file and sending it to the printer. Anyone who orders a PDF will get the corrected file instantly. We were able to pull up our sales database and give everyone with a pending production a heads-up. And me, the publisher, can rest easy.

The one thing that will keep me awake tonight is this… The play has been performed before and nobody has pointed this out!!!


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