A WONDERful Journey: Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass
Written by Lindsay Price

Are you looking for a fantastical physical journey for your actors and your audience? Through the Looking Glass by Lindsay Price is a movement-based classical adaptation that you won’t want to miss.

Alice is back in Wonderland and things are more confusing than ever – Flowers talk, the White Queen cries before she pricks her finger, and there’s a life-sized chess game going on. Alice wants to play, but mostly wants to be queen. Will she make it to the eighth square?

Under the direction of Juliet Cottrell, the student performers at The Drama Workshop in Havelock North, New Zealand were able to truly come together and take their audience on a truly magical – and wonderful – journey with their production

The show features children from all over Hawkes Bay who come together once a week to rehearse. Creating a safe emotional environment is paramount to our work and many parents and students comment that they have found their ‘tribe’ in Drama.


*Photo credit: Angela Elliott, How Ridiculous Costuming

Great job, The Drama Workshop!

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