Words, words, words

Words! Love ’em. Love the way they sound, love they way they can look entirely different than the way they sound, love words that sound like they should mean one thing but mean another. Pulchritude sounds like a rather homely word and yet means physical beauty. Sigh. I love words with accents and the way we say FRUS-trated and the British say frus-TRATED. That, gives me goose bumps.

So of course, I would be all over a post that heralds the new words invited to the Oxford English Dictionary ball. At least, I was before I actually SAW the words. I’m not sure I’m happy these particular words are invited to the party. The OED is somewhat of an institution and I’m not sure we should be encouraging words like bromance. Isn’t bromance just going to spike the punch and break a vase before peeing over the balcony?

And how exactly did a word like hikikomori get an invite? Kikikomori is ‘the abnormal avoidance of social contact, especially by adolescent Japanese males.” Who is using this word? I think Kikikomori snuck in through the kitchen with automagically.

But wait there’s more! Here’s a list of rejected words. No invite for you nudenda, vidiot, and polkadodge. Better luck next year….

HEY! DID YOU KNOW – (ok I’ll stop shouting). So I was surfing the net looking for a nice juicy example for a word that looks different than sounds and I stumbled across the fact that the word peruse doesn’t mean to skim. Which is what I thought. It actually means to examine carefully. Love that. Let’s start using that word properly, people!

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