Working Very Very Slowly

I’m in Kalamazoo this week, staying at the house of the lovely Allison Williams for my twice annual writer’s retreat. On the last retreat I got pages and pages and pages done on a variety of different projects. Me and a notebook and a chair all day every day.

This time around is different. I’m working on only one thing really, an adaptation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. (I’m also semi-working on our latest Shakespeare in an hour – Othello. But believe it or not, that’s my down time night work. At the moment I’m mostly looking up vocabulary words, and figuring out cuts)

I had the story outlined before I came and I’m trying to weave the fabric of the play so that it works as a play and not a story. Trying being the operative word. It’s coming……. very……. slowly…… and it’s good work…. .but….. oh my…… God…… it’s…….. slow. It’s pounding headache slow. Walking through three feet of snow slow. Walking through the snow with a headache…you get the idea.

I’ve also decided to add some verse, which is always trying. You just don’t have the pen flying across the page in a carefree way when you’re writing in verse. It also makes it impossible to shout “Wheee! I’m writing!” when your work is moving at sub turtle pace. And yes I do shout out “Wheee I’m writing!” if the situation allows.

I feel that I’m not getting as much done as I usually do at the retreats, but I think that’s mostly because I’m focused on one project. And truth be told, there’s a chance (a chance if I actually go back to work and stop writing here…) I may get a draft done by the time I leave. But I guess I really do have to get back at it. OK I’m leaving. I am. I truly am. Don’t try to hold me back because it won’t work. I’m going. I mean it! Don’t look at me that way!

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