Workshop in Ajax

I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Ajax High School last week to do a workshop of Ten/Two a new collection of short plays we have coming out this summer. Most times when I go into a school I only get one class period – this time I got four period! It really allowed the students to work on the short plays and allowed me to see how students react to them.

It’s important for me to see student reaction and hear them say the lines. I have to make a distinction between what students just aren’t getting, and what I’ll leave in to make them work for.

The teacher at this school, Ms Prescott, is a wonderful drama cheerleader. She has no qualms about doing anything with enthusiasm and the students follow right behind. It was easy to get into her energy. If things work out I’ll be workshopping my musical there in the fall and hopefully working with her grade 12 students. Go Team Rambo!

We did a nice pose and a funny pose. Always go with the funny pose!

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