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Workshops do work!

I was at the Arizona Thespian Festival last weekend where I taught a bunch of workshops. Two students from Higley High, Ashley Jones and Lindsey Halfhill, took one of my workshops and used what they learned to great success! Here are their stories…


Lindsay: Hi! We’re here at the Arizona State Thespian Festival and I’m teaching a ton of workshops, one of which was called the Superior Individual Event. Individual events are competitions. There’s monologue competitions, and duets, and musicals, pantomime. I did a workshop about how with the work you have to do to go into getting a top mark.

Ashley here. Hello Ashley! Ashley attended the workshop. It’s a good workshop? You liked it?

Ashley: Yes! It was fun.

Lindsay: And you had an IE today, didn’t you?

Ashley: Mm-hmm, yeah.

Lindsay: What was your IE in?

Ashley: I had a duet scene. Me and my friend Nicole, we were doing a duet scene from a play called Law Dispute.

Lindsay: And then, you came to my playwriting workshop and I asked you how it went, and you said it went very good.

Ashley: Yes, it did.

Lindsay: And then, tell me about the breathing thing that you used.

Ashley: Okay. So, in the superior individual event workshop that I went to, we were talking about how to get an individual superior event. Well, it was a duet, too. And so, she was talking about how, if we’re ever nervous or anything, we need to just work on our breathing and it’ll help you calm down and I get really nervous so I was like, sitting in there and I’m just like, kind of like twitching. And I remembered her saying how we can breathe so I just tried that one-two-one-two, one-two-three-four, one-two-three. But I didn’t say the numbers out loud. But it was in my head. And so, I was just breathing and it totally calmed me down. Like, I did it out like three times. Then, I totally calmed down and I just watched everybody else’s. And, when I was up there, I was totally fine and it helped a lot.

Lindsay: And you rocked it out.

Ashley: Yes, I did. I’m so excited. I hope I can disappear here.

Lindsay: Awesome, awesome. Thank you so much, Ashley!

Ashley: Yeah, all right. Thanks!

Lindsay: Okay.

Ashley: Bye!

Lindsay: And then, I also talked to another Lindsay who also took a superior individual event workshop, and she came up and told me another great story, and here she is.

Hi Lindsay!

Lindsay 2: Hi!

Lindsay: So, tell me again what you just said about your call-back, your scholarship.

Lindsay 2: Well, I went to your workshop earlier this afternoon. And then, I went and did my scholarship audition and I used a lot of what you told me and everything earlier and I work it in. And, even though I didn’t have a lot of time, everything you told me helped and I got two call-backs to my dream schools. So, thank you very much!

Lindsay: Aww. That is so awesome.

Congratulations, Lindsay!

Lindsay 2: Thank you!


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