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Workshops, workshops, oh my!

Another great day in Nebraska at the International Thespians Festival. Workshops started today – I love teaching them, even though I sound beat off my feet in this video!


Ah! Here we are at the International Thespians Festival and it is day two and today marked the first day that the workshops started. And I am teaching two workshops on Wednesday and Friday. I’m teaching Character Slam which is a very kitschy title but it is all about how you can look at characters in the script and you can have this really, really, in-depth look at a script and make your characters three-dimensional because I think that three-dimensional characters ar4e the backbone of all really good plays.

So, I had two sessions. They were an hour and a half long and that’s a lot of talking! But what I love about teaching is I love practical workshops. I love having exercises and saying, “Okay, let’s try this!” and, “Why don’t you do this instead of sitting and listening?” I’ve never been that kind of learner and so I like to share that when I do my workshops.

I had two great sessions today and that just makes me look forward to what’s gonna happen tomorrow where I’m teaching playwriting and I’m so excited because I’ve had a lot of students come up to me, telling me about the plays that they’re writing, and that they’re gonna come to the workshop and I love that. Anything I can do to encourage young playwrights, I’m all for.

Okay! So, that’s the end of the day for me and we’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye!

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