World Premiere!!

I am excited to announce a World Premiere!

Today, St. Cloud High School in Florida will premiere my one act drama Censorbleep. The play looks at censorship from the unique perspective of independent ideas=garbage. If you think, and your thoughts go against the status quo, you get throw out. You become garbage. What happens when a student responsible for ‘throwing out the garbage’ decides she doesn’t want to anymore?

I’ve been in constant contact with director Karen Loftus over the fall during the rehearsal process and I was fortunate to be able attend a rehearsal (and make, ahem, changes).

And for something completely different St Cloud will also be performing The Snow Show. Seeing as they’re in Florida, many of the kids in the show have never seen snow. As luck would have it, I live in Canada. Where we occasionaly have snow. Here’s a little video I put together for the cast. Break a leg!

The Snow Show is available now, and Censorbleep will be published in the spring.

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