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Write a Guest Post for Theatrefolk

We have some fantastic customers and fans. You leave insightful and thoughtful comments on our blog and on our Facebook Page. You’re in the trenches. You’re doing the heavy lifting in schools, working with students day in and day out.

Share your knowledge with others by writing a guest post for our blog. It will be greatly appreciated!

You can write about anything that would appeal to our core audience – high school and middle school theatre teachers. Sample topics can cover teaching, classroom management, script selection, career advice, auditions, competitions, set construction, fundraising, parent involvement, booster clubs, etc. The list is endless (just like a teacher’s responsibilities!)

Some ideas:

  • Highlights as a theatre teacher.
  • Funny things that come up in class.
  • Theatre games that your students love.
  • Tips and shortcuts that make your job easier.
  • Triumphs and tragedies.
  • Stories about rehearsing/performing Theatrefolk plays.
  • Technical theatre for non-techies.
  • Inspirational stories about students transforming themselves through theatre.

The post doesn’t have to rival Moby Dick in length, even a few paragraphs can be very helpful, not to mention easy to digest.

How to submit:

Send your post to me by email (the address is on our contact page). Include your name, your school, and your city and state/province. If you have your own blog or website, please include a link so we can link back to you. We love photos, so include some with your post if possible. I’ll let you know if (and when) your article will go up on the site.

If you’re not sure that your post will be suitable for us, feel free to drop me a line before you go through the trouble of writing it all out.

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