Writing from the Semi Prone Position: Day 21, 22.

Actually, both Sunday and Monday involved stationary writing in which I barely moved.

On Sunday I flew back from Arizona Thespians. There’s really nothing like hours on end in a tiny box, I mean seat, to force you to focus on something. Anything. I find that it’s not as hard to focus on re-writes when travelling and my brain isn’t a hundred percent in the zone. The material is already in an existing form and I just have to take it to the next level, rather than creating it from scratch. I was able to get a ton of work done. I’m happy that I spent the first two weeks cranking out the necessary material so I had it available to work on!

lindsay works in bedMonday was technically a day off. I spent the entire day in bed. I know when I’m in need of rest when I spend a day lying down and I never feel like getting up. There was writing to be done, I just did it from the semi prone position. It’s funny, I think I probably did as much writing as normal – maybe even more so, five hours straight today. And yet, it seemed much more relaxing propped up with pillows, under the covers and tea always close at hand…

I’ve now gone through round two on all the duet plays for the ten minute collection. Booya! The great news is that there is only one scene out of twenty that I’m not sure works. That is a huge percentage. That’s always a fear, when you re-visit something. When you tackle it again, there’s always the potential that the words… don’t…. seem… to….gel…. anymore. It’s horrible too when you’ve spent so much time on it. On to the group scenes with one week to go!

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