You never know unless you ask….

We received this pretty cool email this week from a teacher regarding an Illinois production of ths phne 2.0: the next generation.

“My kids had never seen a vignette script before and it took a while for them to catch on to the idea – but the script really helped out and they are enjoying it a LOT. They are adding their own little flourishes and character development to the script and having a lot of fun. I wanted to let you know about was a unique collaboration we are making for this show. When the kids started looking at the phones that we would need for the show they realized we had to have different types of phones for different characters and vignettes and they were talking about getting a phone here and a phone there. I came up with the idea of contacting a local cell phone company and asking them if they would like to “sponsor” the show and provide demo phones for us to use. After I explained the idea to the local cell phone company they got all excited about the idea….. I think it will be neat for the kids to work with the cell phone people to pick the right prop for the scenes they are in.”

Again, how cool! I love that the students wanted to match their phones to their character personalities. It shows how even a light, fun play can provide character development opportunities. And, how cool that the phone company jumped right in! I’d say¬†instinctually that I wouldn’t even bother to call because I’d assume the company would say no. A perfect example of ‘you never know unless you ask….’

Do you have an interesting production story? Please let us know! We’d love to share.

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  • As long as a company or organization sees that they will be getting something out of the offer they will at least consider the idea. They are used to having schools just ask for money or donations. They are not sure how to act when you are not asking for cash or something you are not going to give back. We have had furniture from local antique shops and suits from a nearby tux rental service and more. Offer them advartisement in the program and on stage if you can and they see it as a win/win deal. BTW – we are using posters provided by the phone company as set dressing on the stage. They get ad time – I get set dressing – win/win!

  • Two comments: I did a DVD shoot for Jenn Gould a Juno winning Children’s performer and wanted to bring the kids in the audience real close to her – So we contacted Alexanian Carpets and they gave us $12,000.00 in carpets to use for the weekend.
    I also did the Rideau Awards in Ottawa ON and needed flowers ( I ‘m whispering now) we went to a local Funeral Home and asked them for the flowers that were done. They were SO happy to not just throw them out and give them another life….