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A little share time. I’m talking about middle school playwrights. Watch the video. Do it now!!!

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Hello out there in Theatrefolk blog land! We are here in the middle of our Florida extravaganza trip. We’re at schools, we’re at workshops, we’re seeing premiers, and I just had to share this with you. This is amazing.

I am judging the playwriting individual event, the IE at this weekend’s Florida Juniors Thespians Festival. These are the plays right here, but I can’t show you those because that wouldn’t be fair, and these are my notes right here, but I can’t show you those either because that would not be fair at all.

But this is what I can share with you: I am thrilled, overjoyed, over the moon. I’m amazed. I’m excited. I am in awe of these plays. These plays are written by middle school students – eleven, twelve, thirteen. They are great! They’re really interesting to read. They’re interesting to comment on.

I get plays from professional playwrights, adults, all the time and I read them and I don’t know what to say. I have nothing to say. And it is so awesome that these middle school students are writing about really interesting things that make me excited about playwriting.

These plays rock and I can’t wait to talk to these playwrights this weekend.

That’s it! Thanks very much!

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