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You Will Not Regret Watching This… Right Now!

It was really a spiritual place in the school. There was no judgement and there was no pressure to be good or bad or anything. It was really more about play and self-discovery and improvisation. It was just a good time, basically. There was no, “Let’s judge your Hamlet.” – Andy Garcia

I just learned about a little-known documentary called Class Act. The film is “presented by” Morgan Spurlock, of Super Size Me fame. This one flew under the radar somehow – not even Rotten Tomatoes has any reviews listed for it. A shame, really, because this is a movie that must be seen.

The film is ostensibly told through the career and accomplishments of South Florida theatre teacher Jay W Jensen. His 50+ years of teaching and advocacy produced actors, directors, musicians, casting directors, broadcasters and writers. It also produced teachers, lawyers and doctors (including a hair transplant surgeon, who credits his drama education for being able to create hair lines!)

It’s also an entertaining, passionate, and exhaustively-researched film about the vitality of arts education.

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