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Young Educators in the Arts

I just stumbled upon this group: Young Educators in the Arts. They’ve got a web site, a facebook page, a twitter feed. The purpose of the group is, of course, for young arts educators to connect.

On paper I love this idea. It’s a great community building platform to get young educators to communicate. At first glance though, I’m not sure – Their website is on the ning network, which I hate (I find I never know where to look on those sites, I have to click too many times to read anything and no one is really talking all that much) and their facebook page has a number of videos, but again not much talking.

However, these types of online sites and organizations are so necessary. Arts educators need each other, they need to communicate with each other and know that they’re not alone in their situations. Suss out YEA and see if it’s for you.

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