About the Drama Teacher Academy
Professional development specifically for drama teachers

What is the Drama Teacher Academy?

You are caught in the middle. You want to create confident, well-rounded students. You want your students to feel your lessons are valuable. But you also want to satisfy your administrators. You have requirements to fulfill.

You love teaching, you love inspiring your students but you are struggling to get everything done in the time allotted.

Sound familiar?

The good news is that there doesn’t have to be a trade off. This isn’t an “either or” situation: your students or your administration. You are in the right place to do both.

The Drama Teacher Academy is a professional development site specifically for drama teachers. It’s the place where you can become your best to do the best for your students.

You can take a course on how to teach mask. You can download a playwriting lesson plan or a full-year curriculum. You can add to your resource library with handouts, guides, and videos.

You can also talk to other drama teachers through the private DTA Facebook Group. Wouldn’t you love to ask a question or share a triumph and have a whole group of people know exactly what you’re talking about?

Who is behind the Drama Teacher Academy?

We’re Lindsay Price and Craig Mason. We have a long relationship with educational theatre. 29 years ago we started Theatrefolk, a publishing house specializing in plays and educational resources for schools and student performers.

We are passionate about helping Drama Teachers. We believe in the importance of drama in the schools and drama as a vital part of creating well-rounded, well-educated students.

We’ve met thousands of drama teachers and listened to what they want and need. It was because of you that we decided to build the Drama Teacher Academy.

Our educational resources extend beyond handouts and e-books. We have a 15 year history of teaching in classrooms, conferences and festivals across Canada and the US.


These organizations have honoured us for our contributions to educational theatre.

Outstanding Theatre Arts Advocate
Florida Association of Theatre Educators, 2013
Outstanding Service Award
Arizona Thespians, 2012

Places We've Taught

The International Thespian Festival
The California Educational Theatre Association (CETA) Conference
State Thespian Festivals in Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, California, Iowa, Georgia, Missouri, Texas
The Florida Association for Theatre Education (FATE) Conference
The Florida Theatre Conference (FTC)
The North Carolina Theatre Arts Educators (NCTAE) Conference
The South Eastern Theatre Conference (SETC)
The Texas Educational Theatre Association (TETA) Conference
The Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators (CODE) Conference
The New York State Theatre Educators Assocation (NYSTEA) Conference
The American Association for Theatre Educators (AATE) Conference
The New York State Theatre Educators Association (NYSTEA) Student Conference
The Association for British Columbia Drama Educators (ABCDE) Conference
The USF Shakespeare Competition
The New England Theatre Conference (NETC)


“There’s very little on this site that I wouldn’t immediately bring into my classroom. The DTA understands the needs of theatre teachers and provides them with what they need.”

Karen Loftus

“I like the courses and the lesson plan ideas that allow me to constantly make what I am doing with students better.”

Linda Phillips

“The courses on DTA are exactly what I need to get ideas. Thank you so much for putting this together and all that you do to help with theatre classes.”

Keith Rollins

“Having a place to go to as a trusted resource is great. I love the easy accessibility and variation of lessons.”

Melody Hertzfeld

“Frankly, Theatrefolk, I love you. There is no other way to say it.”

Barbara Bruhin Kenney

“This has revitalized my classroom in incredible ways.”

Mrs. Kathleen Herb

“I would have been absolutely overwhelmed without my DTA connection. It gave me ideas, support, and the confidence to plan and teach dramatically EVERY day!”

Lea Marshall

We are an approved continuing education provider in the following states, and provide PD certificates to be used in districts around the world. Click here for more details.

Approved PD Provider, State of Arkansas
Approved Provider of PDPs for Massachusetts
Approved Provider of Montana OPI Units, Montana Office of Public Instruction
Approved PD Provider, State of Pennsylvania
Approved CPE Provider, Texas Education Agency
Provider of Professional Development Credits, State of Wyoming


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