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Classroom Management Tune-Up

Tuesday, October 25 8:00PM EDT
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The school year is up and running, and so are your students!  Should they be? Classes are settling into routines and this is a good time to review your classroom management strategies and change whatever isn't working. Don't know how to start?  Easy!  Start by joining us in this PLC dedicated to tuning up your classroom management plan.

Hosted by: Matt Webster, Lindsay Price

Advocacy with your Admin

Tuesday, November 15 8:00PM EST
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Your program is doing great things: Skills are being learned! Shows are being staged!  Students are brimming with confidence! Your administrators should be singing your praises to the rooftops! There's just one problem - Your admin has no idea what is going on in your classroom.  It's hard to get your administrations to advocate for your program when you can't tell them what they are advocating for.  This PLC will focus on how to highlight the work you are doing in your classroom in order to get the attention and respect of your admin.

Hosted by: Matt Webster, Lindsay Price

Member-to-Member File Sharing

A place for members to share resources and helpful links.

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Drama Teacher Academy members have access to a private Facebook group.

Share great links, share information, share your successes in the classroom, share your struggles. If you have an issue in the classroom post a question. We’ve come to learn that drama teachers are the best when it comes to solving problems.

Webinars & Workshops

No upcoming webinars. Watch this space for future announcements.

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