Live PLC Events

We host monthly live PLC events to share tips & tricks, successes & struggles on a variety of topics.

Let it Go - Planning Curriculum 'Less is More'

Tuesday, July 27 8:00PM EDT convert to your time zone

One of the more valuable lessons that we learned during the pandemic was that "Less is More" when it comes to our curriculum. We found that even though we didn't cover as much material, we were able to cover that material in much greater depth. This led to students taking a deeper dive into materials that normally they might skim across. And that, in turn, led to a better understanding of materials. So...Wait, we cut down on our curriculum and increased learning? How did that happen?! Join us in this PLC where we will discuss a "Less is More" approach to your curriculum and find out!

Hosted by: Matt Webster, Lindsay Price

Social Emotional Learning

Tuesday, August 10 8:00PM EDT convert to your time zone

Of all the learning categories that have been affected by the shift to remote education, the most consequential would have to be Social and Emotional Learning. Students around the world have been isolated from teachers and peers alike for months on end, and the result is an entire generation that needs help rebuilding their social skills and recognizing their emotional needs. Thankfully, there is no better place to teach these skills than the drama classroom. Join us for a PLC where we discuss the fact that Theatre teachers are uniquely positioned to help students both explore their emotions AND re-build relationships.

Hosted by: Matt Webster, Lindsay Price

Building Relationships in the Drama Classroom

Tuesday, August 31 8:00PM EDT convert to your time zone

Teachers recognize the fact that the past year has challenged relationships across the board: Teacher/Student, Student/Student, Teacher/Parent and more. In order for our classes to function properly, we need those relationships to be authentic and healthy. Teachers will need to integrate relationship building into their plans for the new year, both on stage and off. That's why this PLC will focus on building relationships. Join us as we talk about how to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships in a "traditional" school setting.

Hosted by: Matt Webster, Lindsay Price

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