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Live PLC Events

Joy Jam

Thursday, December 9 8:00PM EST
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As the first half of this school year comes to a close, we think there is a lot to celebrate: Schools are open, students are collaborating, shows are being performed. We have heard a lot of great stories from teachers who are sharing their joy at being back with their students and we thought, "We can all use more joy...Let's Jam!"

We are happy to announce the first DTA/PLC Joy Jam! We are inviting all members to join us in an evening of cheerful conversations, collegiate collaboration and a celebration of celebrating. This PLC will include breakout rooms for teachers to informally connect, celebrate success, and collaborate. We hope you'll join us!

Hosted by: Matt Webster, Lindsay Price, Christa Vogt, Lea Marshall, Shelby Steege

The Adult in the Room - Understanding your relationship to your students

Tuesday, January 11 8:00PM EST
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New Drama teachers put a lot of thought into their relationship with their students as a way to build a successful classroom. They don't, however, put as much thought into their relationship to their students. Yet that relationship is the cornerstone of successful teaching. Join us for an interactive conversation about how to define your relationship to your students as you build your relationship with your students. New teachers, and teachers who are new to teaching Drama, are especially invited to this workshop that will focus on relationship building in the Drama Classroom.

Hosted by: Matt Webster, Lindsay Price

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Drama Teacher Academy members have access to a private Facebook group.

Share great links, share information, share your successes in the classroom, share your struggles. If you have an issue in the classroom post a question. We’ve come to learn that drama teachers are the best when it comes to solving problems.

Webinars & Workshops

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