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Every Day You Deserve a Round of Applause: Self-Compassion and Care for You as a Theatre Educator

by Gai Jones

Gai Jones leads this course in social and emotional self-compassion and care for the theatre educator. Join her on this 5-module journey to practice self-care and self-compassion while teaching educational theatre.

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Rethink Pacing in the Drama Classroom

by Matt Webster

Pacing is one of the invisible hands of good teaching. Pacing is a fundamental component of a well run classroom. Many challenging issues that teachers face in the classroom stem from undiagnosed pacing issues: From comprehension to classroom management, pacing can be identified as both the source, and the solution of these problems. This course covers the Definition of Pacing, Non-Standardized curriculum, Pacing and Authentic learning, Expanding and Contracting The Pace, Transitions, Rehearsals and Hidden Pacing.

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Empathy 2.0

by Steven Stack

Brought to you by instructor Steven Stack, creator of The Empathetic Classroom, this course looks at ways to move on from the worldwide pandemic, while honoring the past and learning from it. In the past year, students had many things taken from them: school, hanging out with friends, freedom, hope, and innocence.

With this course, each session will highlight one specific topic relating to moving on. There will also be activities for each session that will help your students own the past, embrace their own and others’ narratives and scars, create a stronger classroom community, find ways to be where their feet are planted, and learn to play again.

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Latest PLC

What We Learned: There is No Normal

Hosted by Matt Webster, Lindsay Price, Lea Marshall, Jane McEneaney, Jeremy Bishop

In the depths of the pandemic, teachers dreamed of a time when they could just go back to "normal".  As the virus slowly released its grip, many teachers joyfully returned to the classroom only to be perplexed, flustered and frustrated to find that "normal" was nowhere to be found!  Teaching and learning changed in the two-plus years of distance learning and instability.  What changed in those years? Can we ever get back to "normal" again?  Does normal even exist anymore?  

Join us in this PLC as we look back - and look forward - searching for a new normal.

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Curriculum Units

The Autobiographical Monologue
By Gai Jones
4 Lesson Plans


Self-Care Package

This self-care package includes a workbook, calendar, and posters to help focus on the essential questions: How can you become a practicing self-care, compassionate person who teaches educational theatre? How can you make time for self-care and compassion?

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