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PD Courses

The Adult in the Room: Understanding Your Relationship to Your Students

by Matt Webster

How do we build or rebuild relationships in the classroom? Well, first, you must understand the difference between your relationship with your students and your relationship to your students. Once you understand the difference between those two relationships, you can construct a professional working relationship in your classroom. At the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of the different relationships between you and your students and why establishing a healthy professional relationship is best for everyone concerned.

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LGBTQ+ 101 & Affirming Practices

by c.j Bell

Welcome to LGBTQ+ Inclusion 101 & Affirming Practices. This course is led by c.j Bell, pronouns they/them. By the end of this course, you'll be able to successfully implement LGBTQIA+ and LGBTQ2S+ practices in the classroom. And you will learn more information on how you, yourself, can relate to these specific margins, as an educator.

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Every Day You Deserve a Round of Applause: Self-Compassion and Care for You as a Theatre Educator

by Gai Jones

Gai Jones leads this course in social and emotional self-compassion and care for the theatre educator. Join her on this 5-module journey to practice self-care and self-compassion while teaching educational theatre.

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Latest PLC

Social Emotional Learning in the Drama Classroom

Hosted by Lindsay Price, Christa Vogt

A new school year has begun, and the importance of Social Emotional Learning has never been greater.  With everything that has been going on in the world, teachers and students alike are navigating a very different school environment, and Social Emotional Learning could be the key to establishing a healthy, high-functioning classroom this year.  Join us for an exploration of SEL from concepts to curriculum and everything in between!

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Lesson Plans

Identity Rewrite

by Drama Teacher Academy

Students will reflect on their own identities and the components of their identities. They will then reflect on how often they see themselves in current entertainment. Students will discuss common
identities in fairy tales and then change a fairy tale character to reflect their identity in a scene. How does the change in identity affect the story? How does the story change?

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The Vito Russo Test

by Drama Teacher Academy

Using a set of criteria, students will watch a movie (or read a play) and analyze it based on the criteria. The Vito Russo is specific to LGBTQ+ representation in a work. Does the movie meet the
criteria and, therefore, pass the test? Students will then reflect on the results: Is the criteria a good way to assess representation? How could the movie be changed to meet the criteria?

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Building and Rebuilding the Foundations of Your Drama Classroom: A Back to School Toolkit

Are you stepping into the classroom for the first time? Are you stepping into the classroom for your 20th year? Both have their joys and obstacles.
This resource anticipates the challenges you will have, or you have faced in the drama classroom. It is designed to provide materials that will help you claim or reclaim a functioning
teaching environment, your curriculum and relationships with your students. So whether you are a seasoned teacher or a brand new teacher, use this book to rethink your practices and
see your spaces in the best light possible. Start the school year off right!

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She Kills Monsters: Reading Questions

She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen is a play that comes up time and time again in our drama class communities. To that end, we wanted to provide questions for reading the play in the classroom.
• The Reading Questions provide pre- and post-reading questions for the play as well as questions throughout.
• The Close-Reading Questions provide in-depth text-dependent questions for one scene of the play.

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Amazing Story Poster

Inspirational poster for the drama classroom.

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