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Approaching Drama Class with an Indigenous Perspective

by Allison Green

This course is led by Allison Green, a member of the Algonquin Band of Mattawa, and a drama and social sciences teacher in Northern Ontario, Canada. She believes that drama teachers should look at their teaching through an Indigenous lens for a few reasons:

- It is time in North America to take a conscientious look at Indigenous people’s approach to learning and teaching.
- For our Indigenous students, it’s important to see themselves in materials, activities, and classroom routines.
- It is also valuable for our non-Indigenous students to see and better understand the diverse nature of the creative process and ways of seeing our world through this lens.

This course aims to help teachers see their drama class through an Indigenous lens - by exploring the learning circle, culturally responsive approaches, and Indigenous pedagogy.

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The Dilemma Project

by Claire Broome

Moral dilemmas are not only faced by characters in gripping plays, but are also faced by our students. The project outlined in this course will help students develop their critical thinking skills through the use of one of the dilemma questions to shape a student written production.

If you had the choice to press a button and earn $25,000,000... but a species (not of your choosing) would become extinct, what would you do? More importantly, what would your character do?

Join drama teacher and playwright Claire Broome through this course which includes role-playing, Stanislavski’s Magic If, character creation, playwriting and staging.

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Building a Tradition of Excellence in Your Theatre Program

by Annie Dragoo

When we think of a tradition, we think of a belief or behavior that is passed down within a group for special significance. And we know that excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.

If you could pass down anything to the next generation of theatre students, wouldn’t you like to pass down the tradition of excellence? Learn from instructor Annie Dragoo, how building a tradition of excellence is the creation of values, behaviors and routines that help us establish the quality of excellence in our theatre program.

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Latest PLC


Virtual Assessment

Hosted by Matt Webster, Lindsay Price, Christa Vogt, Lea Marshall

As we approach the end of another difficult year, we face one last hurdle before we wrap up our classes with a little bow: Assessment! Assessment in the Drama classroom can be hard enough, but assessment in a VIRTUAL Drama classroom can present some real challenges. How do we fairly assess students who we may never have seen in person? Or started virtually and then went hybrid? Or a "half and half" class? There has to be a way to give honest, useful, feedback to ALL of our students, isn't there? Join us for this PLC and find out...

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Curriculum Units

Lesson Plans


Play Analysis of The Post Office by Rabindranath Tagore

by Quincy Young

Students will begin the lesson by applying research skills to produce a mini-project presentation on author Rabindranath Tagore, his work as a playwright, and themes explored in his play The Post Office. Students will read the play with an analytical eye and rehearse a scene to perform as a staged reading.

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