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Part of the Drama Two Curriculum

Character Analysis

Created by Matt Webster

The Drama Two Curriculum has been developed to expand and deepen the students’ skills as actors. In this unit, students will use open scenes to generate characters and scenarios. They will then explore the ideas of “objective,” “tactics,” and “status.” The unit culminates with students applying learned character analysis techniques to classroom generated open scenes.

The overview lays out the objectives, description, and lessons for the unit, including pre-knowledge requirements and review.
Additional Attachments
1: Writing Open Scenes
Students​ ​will​ ​write​ ​open​ ​scenes​ ​to​ ​generate​ ​materials​ ​for​ ​the​ ​Character​ ​Analysis​ ​Unit.
2: Objectives
Students will create a character objective using correct objective phrasing.
3: Tactics
Students will be able to create a list of fifteen tactics based on what they have learned about tactics.
4: Status Monkeys
Students will understand how status influences characterization and character actions by participating in “Status Monkeys” and other interactions based on status.
5: Culminating Project: Performing Scenes
Students will link together two blank scenes to create a single, unified scene that justifies the characters’ actions and dialogue through character analysis.

Standards Addressed

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