We want your lesson plans

Drama Teachers!

Have you created unique interesting, action-packed drama lesson plans for your classes? Theatrefolk is looking for you.

The Search

We are looking for lesson plans for drama teachers. No topic is off-limits. No topic is too basic. We want lesson plans for both Middle School and High School.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Theatre basics (types of theatres, parts of a theatre, areas of a stage)
  • Acting
  • Character Development
  • Movement (Dance, Tableau)
  • Drama games
  • Directing
  • Scene work
  • Script Analysis
  • Playwriting
  • Warm-ups
  • Theatre History (Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Restoration, Modern)
  • Theatre techniques (mask, commedia)
  • Technical theatre (set, lighting, sound, props, stage management, costuming, equipment maintenance)

The Goal

We want to build a library of lesson plans for drama teachers.

Your lesson plan should include

  • Background information (When would a teacher use this lesson plan)
  • Objective (What is the purpose of the lesson plan)
  • Description (What will students do during the lesson plan)
  • Materials Needed
  • Assessment instructions (include a rubric)
  • Any necessary handouts (reflections, checklists)

Keep it simple. The plan should take one or two class periods at the most to execute. Contact us if you have a longer plan in mind.

NOTE: We will be responsible for formatting and layout. You just focus on the content.


We pay US$35 per lesson plan. This fee gives us permission to distribute your lesson plan.

The copyright on the plan remains with you and our agreement is non-exclusive. You’re free to submit it elsewhere.

You will receive credit as the author of the lesson.

Some rules

The lesson plan must be your original creation. It can be based on a plan you’ve learned elsewhere, but the plan itself must be original.

If the plan requires another work (e.g. a photo, a drawing, an excerpt from a play) that work must be either in the public domain, created by you, or published by Theatrefolk.

Ready to Apply?

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