Building a Tradition of Excellence in Your Theatre Program

Created by Annie Dragoo

When we think of a tradition, we think of a belief or behavior that is passed down within a group for special significance. And we know that excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.

If you could pass down anything to the next generation of theatre students, wouldn’t you like to pass down the tradition of excellence? Learn from instructor Annie Dragoo, how building a tradition of excellence is the creation of values, behaviors and routines that help us establish the quality of excellence in our theatre program.

Module 0: Introduction 2:56 FREE PREVIEW
Module 0 introduces the course and lays out the expectations for the 3 modules to follow.
Module 1: Treat it Like a Business 14:46 FREE PREVIEW
In Module 1, the instructor will be discussing treating your theatre program like a business.
Module 2: Handbook, Tradition, Community 14:18
Module 2 looks at creating a handbook, creating and continuing tradition, and getting involved in the community.
Module 3: Motto, Rehearsal, Production 14:56
Module 3 looks at developing a motto, rehearsal preparation, warm-up rituals, and theatre production, as well as several ways to approach the work you do on stage.

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