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Navigating Personal Challenges

Teachers are people. And people face challenges. Challenges like family illnesses, relationship crises, financial worry, and so much more. What is a teacher to do when a personal crisis hits?  Teachers are expected to navigate personal challenges, yet still effectively teach their classes. That means teachers try to keep these challenges from spilling into the classroom - but can they? Should they? Join our panel for an in-depth discussion on navigating personal challenges as a teacher. 

AI in the Drama Classroom

Artificial Intelligence is here. In the past few years it has found its way into almost every corner of modern life - including the classroom.  However, important questions remain. Questions like: "Is there a place for AI in the classroom?" "Does that include the Drama classroom?"  and "What does AI in the Drama classroom look like?" These are just some of the questions we will tackle when you join us in this forward thinking PLC.  

Classroom Management with Social Emotional Learning - Session Two

If you talk to teachers these days, the same topic pops up over and over: Post pandemic classroom management.  It doesn't matter if they are a highly experienced educator or fresh out of their student teaching, they all say the same thing - the vibe in the classroom has changed.  Teachers say they need new tools in their classrooms to address these changes, so in this PLC we are going to break out the best tool in the toolkit: Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  Join us for a timely conversation about how you can use SEL in your classroom to reset your students and improve your classroom management.

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