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Hi! We're Theatrefolk.

Play Scripts for High Schools & Middle Schools

School friendly

Perfect for Schools

These plays are specifically for student performers. They are age-appropriate without being "kiddy" and have modest technical requirements.

Free sample pages

Read Before You Buy

Don't buy a play based on a short catalogue blurb. Read free sample pages for every play.


It's the 21st Century!

Do you have a photocopier? A video camera? Photocopy Licenses and Videorecording Licenses are available for most plays.

Pdf downloads

Your Choice - Books or PDFs

In addition to the whole traditional "book" thing, all plays available as printable PDFs.

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Happy Customers

It is so great to find quality scripts on modern topics that students can relate to. Since we have to take everything on a school bus, I so appreciate your simple, easy sets. You are our secret weapon for the One Act Competition. Keep up the great work.

Susan Voskamp, De Pere High School

There are so many quality one acts from your service to choose from. I can't wait to share them with the students.

Michael Berry, North Branford High School

Thank you so much for your generosity and for the fantastic material you provide. It is perfect for high school students.

Jan Adamo, Franklin Academy

This is my first experience with the PDF download it is wonderful. It is so nice to see one of the royalty companies enter the 21st Century. Keep it up.

Richard DeSpain, LaVilla School of the Arts

Thank you so much for creating and publishing such challenging, character rich scripts suitable for my high school students!

Brandy Miller, Boulder Creek HS

Your plays are GREAT to work with. The kids love the scripts and we can do lots of different things with them.

Julia Perlowski, Pompano Beach High School

Your company is wonderful, I look forward to working with you in the future and I will recommend you to my colleagues.

Amy Learn, Oakville Senior High School