Get Students to Embrace Failure in the Drama Classroom

Created by Lindsay Price

This course by Lindsay Price explores strategies you can use to encourage students to embrace failure rather than see it as a point of shame or something to hide from.

Our goal for students is to embrace a try/fail/try again/fail/try again/succeed formula. Each module in this course comes with exercises and activities that you’ll be able to take into the classroom right away.

It’s one thing to talk about embracing failure, it’s another to give students practical tools to help them achieve that goal. Join Lindsay in getting students to embrace failure in the drama classroom as we look at Failure from a Yes! perspective.

Lesson 0: Introduction 3:41 FREE PREVIEW
This module introduce the topic and outlines lessons 1-4.
Lesson 1: Redefine Failure 10:28 FREE PREVIEW
This lesson redefines the word 'failure' - making it a positive experience.
Lesson 2: Make Failure Familiar 11:18
Students and humans fear failure so much, they tend to avoid it at all costs. Learn exercises to make failure familiar, so that it's no longer a point of fear, just something that happens as part of the process.
Lesson 3: Celebrate Failure 6:10
This module includes exercises to celebrate failure, rather than make it a tragic event.
Lesson 4: Analyze Failure 7:08
This last module focuses on analyzing failure, a tool to allow students to distance themselves from failure and look at it from an analytical standpoint.

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