LGBTQ+ 101 & Affirming Practices

Created by c.j Bell

Welcome to LGBTQ+ Inclusion 101 & Affirming Practices. This course is led by c.j Bell, pronouns they/them. By the end of this course, you'll be able to successfully implement LGBTQIA+ and LGBTQ2S+ practices in the classroom. And you will learn more information on how you, yourself, can relate to these specific margins, as an educator.

Module 0: Module 0 5:02 FREE PREVIEW
This module introduces the course outline and the goals of the course.
Module 1: Module 1 13:21 FREE PREVIEW
This module looks at the context and explanation of why we're utilizing and developing our LGBTQIA+ practices in our classroom.
Module 2: Module 2 11:51
This module looks at the reflection and application of LGBTQIA+ practices with a few tools.
Module 3: Module 3 6:02
This module asks, "What's next?" and discusses how we can ensure accountability for these practices, and how we continue to provide gender justice in the classroom.

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